He is not here, he is risen...
The dandelion project: "my life, times, & faith"

Your testimony is the seed that the wind of The Holy Spirit wants to blow on. My Life, Times, & Faith is a life journal you can purchase to help you do that. For more information and how to buy it, click here.

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"Let's do 52"

This is a project to write and publish 52 worship songs. The book by Dan McCollam challenges readers to do a worship song a week. Enter here to see ongoing results of this project. Listen, sing, and share. You will be blessed!

Cuentos de la Madriguera
(tales from the burrow)

Uds. Pueden entrar para accesso a una link en Youtube.  Los cuentos del ABUELITO, “CUENTOS DE LA MADRIGUERA,” SON muy popular en el Pueblo Latino. Mas informacion esta adentro.

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Prophetic Blog

The Glory Shop

Every Friday, from 10am to about 11:30am, we gather for intercessory prayer. If you are in the Ellensburg area, email me: kentrdavault@yahoo.com. I'll be glad to give you directions.


God's loving prophetic words to all nations of the world, all capitals of all nations, and all leaders of all nations of the world over the last eight years. 

Simply type in any nation's name in the search field and the prophesies will come up. 

This is an ongoing, dynamic ministry of prophetic words over the nations. 

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